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Sweeping Services

  • Road Sweepers

    Our road sweepers are perfect for after storms or public event clean-ups, and are capable of removing debris, rubbish and excess water from any road or surface. They are not just restricted to cleaning conventional roads and have the ability to clean hard to reach areas such as gullies and culverts.

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  • Industrial/Warehouse

    Our warehouse sweepers and ride-on floor scrubbers can handle all paved sites, no matter how large or small. Our trained staff and top of the range sweepers can take care of that final handover scrubbing, warehouse floor sweeping or the preparation scrubbing before marking up of stock areas and exit lines.

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  • Footpath Sweepers

    Our small sweepers will ensure your footpath is not only cleaner but also safer for everyone to use. They are not only highly agile but are also environmentally friendly. No job is too big or too small for our sweepers - from outdoor malls to footpaths across whole suburbs.

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  • Car Park Sweepers

    No matter how big or small, indoor or outdoor, we have the perfect sweeper for your job. Our road sweepers are ideal for large open car parks and multilevel car parks, while our ride-on sweepers and scrubbers are suited to paved surfaces in tight, narrow and restricted car parks.

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  • Construction Site Sweepers

    Our industrial sweepers quickly clean hard caked mud and remove rocks, rubbish, dust and excess water from construction sites. Our road sweepers are best suited for clearing larger sites, while our ride-on sweepers are perfect for maintenance cleaning and scrubbing before line marking and general sweeping of any paved area.

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  • Event Sweeper Hire

    We will ensure your footpaths, roads, laneways and outdoor malls are clean before and after your event. Depending on the size and cleaning requirements of your event, choose from our fleet of road sweepers or ride-on sweepers. Our machinery is capable of sweeping and scrubbing sites from 500m2 to 80,000m2.

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