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  • Road Sweepers

    Road Sweepers

    Our road sweepers are perfect for after storms or public event clean-ups, and are capable of removing debris, rubbish and…

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  • Industrial/Warehouse


    Our warehouse sweepers and ride-on floor scrubbers can handle all paved sites, no matter how large or small. Our trained staff…

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  • Footpath Sweepers

    Footpath Sweepers

    Our small sweepers will ensure your footpath is not only cleaner but also safer for everyone to use. They are…

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  • Car Park Sweepers

    Car Park Sweepers

    No matter how big or small, indoor or outdoor, we have the perfect sweeper for your job. Our road sweepers…

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  • Construction Site Sweepers

    Construction Site Sweepers

    Our industrial sweepers quickly clean hard caked mud and remove rocks, rubbish, dust and excess water from construction sites. Our…

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  • Event Sweeper Hire

    Event Sweeper Hire

    We will ensure your footpaths, roads, laneways and outdoor malls are clean before and after your event. Depending on the…

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